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  • Decorations & Partyware

    Unique and Scary Halloween Party Ideas

    Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated occasions in the year. The preparation for the celebration is as grand as the occasion itself. From choosing the most amazing Halloween costumes to crafting the most unique Halloween party ideas, the list of preparation is seemingly endless. A major part of the Halloween decorations boils down to choosing spooky decorations for Halloween. One puts many hours into the preparation and into planning the most amazing Halloween party. If one does not want to make any compromise to the spookiness count, they have the option to go online with their search for the perfect Halloween party ideas.  All good costume shops provide an online facility where you can browse and buy at your leisure.

    The online quest for the right Halloween decorations ends here!

    Halloween costumes need to be of the highest quality to make an impression. For Halloween party in Ireland, one can look at the offering at CelebrateIt to make the right purchase. The prices are decent as compared to the quality of the costumes on offer and one can even place the order online. To get a first-hand glimpse of the Halloween costumes and accessories on offer, you can easily visit the local store and make a purchase in the conventional fashion. Make room for the spookiest Halloween party that you can conjure up with cool Halloween costumes.  

    We have all the spooky decorations and partywear you could need from Hanging Ghosts and Goblins that scream,lights for your windows and even plates and bits to decorate your table. Get everything you need to make your house the most spooktacular one on the street this Halloween and don't forget our massive selection of cool Halloween costumes for yourself!

    Watch our window and our online store for the latest cost savings in our Halloween Decorations clearance.

    Lights for your windows and pumpkins, Plates and tablecovers, etc. 

  • Kids Costumes

    Kids Halloween Costumes for the Little Revelers  

    Halloween is that time of the year when people of different ages and interests come together to revel. They seek the best costume shop for choice and variety in Halloween costumes for teens and all ages. Dressed in spooky costumes, the reveller want to top each other in the uniqueness and spookiness count. In fact, it is the little kids who are fondest of this occasion. It is no surprise thus that babies Halloween costumes are in high demand. People scour the options in kids Halloween costumes to buy the most unique dresses. From Halloween costumes for kids, Halloween masks to the spooky get-ups, the detailing for Halloween costumes for children is simply immense. To organize a kids Halloween party, the party planners do need to stuff in the best of scary Halloween costumes for kids.

    Get the best children’s Halloween costumes in Ireland online

    To ensure your children get the best childrens Halloween costumes in Ireland, you can go online and make a purchase at the CelebrateIt web-store. You can effectively look through a number of options in the kids wear range for Halloween and makes sure that the kids Halloween party organized at home becomes one to remember. Children like nothing more than to go tricks and treats and the enjoyable occasion of Halloween allow them to do just the same. For the parents, halloween is the time to give your children memories of a life time as they celebrate this unique festival, just as you did when you were kids.

    We all love to play dress up and pretend to be someone else for a day.

    Kids love to dress up and play pretend, especially at Halloween when they get to be the little monsters they really want to be. We are here to help your kids express what kind of monster is inside them with our great range of cool and scary costumes. We have everything from Scary Clowns to Vampires, Grim Reapers to Zombies and lots lots more. 

    And we have a great selection to choose from, Super Heros, Princess', Cowboys, etc.

  • Men Halloween Costumes

    Time for Men to Revel with Scary Mens Costumes

    Halloween brings out the child in everybody and grown up men are no different. Men’s Halloween costumes have become quite popular. With the ever increasing number of adults participating in the festivities, one can state for a fact that men also want the most unique or spookiest adults Halloween costumes. Over time Halloween costumes for adults and especially ghost costumes for men have undergone some changes with the new age ones being made of sturdier materials and scarier. Men are also experimenting with their Halloween look. They are increasingly looking for options like sexy men’s Costumes. Scary Men costumes are also gaining popularity. There are many ways how a man may dress up and project himself during Halloween, the sky is the limit at CelebrateIt. One can also see a good amount of demand for funny Halloween costumes

    Pick up scary Men’s costumes online

    One can find scary Men’s Halloween costumes online at CelebrateIt costume shop. One can easily pick up and choose from a number of Halloween costumes and accessories available at the online store. If you are looking to find the most unique of costumes to impress upon your peers, you can easily find the same at CelebrateIt. People looking for cheap costumes will also be satisfied as the price range is quite decent to say the least. One can make a bargain purchase online and have their Halloween costumes delivered to their homes.  

    Do you want to be the centre of attention this Halloween? Then look no further we have a great selection of Horror Halloween Costumes for men. You are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd with any of our Halloween Costumes. We have everything from Spooktacular Ghosts, Blood Thristy Vampires and even some whimsical options like "Down for the Count". So whether you want to howl at the moon or eat brains we got you covered.


    It's that spooktacular time of year again!! So get ready for the Tricks and Treats 

    With our great range of scary and fun costumes for you to choose from,

    Costumes to freak out your friends & Family and funny ones to get the crowd laughing with (or at) you!!


    Complete any costume with a mask

    We have eye masks, full face masks, latex, plastic, etc

                    Animal faces, scary faces, pretty faces and more

  • Women Halloween Costumes

    Women’s Halloween Costumes that Mesmerize

    It is second nature for women to be meticulous about their fashion details. It is true to say that womens Halloween costumes come in a wide variety of makes to satisfy this very demand. One can see the demand for scary girl costumes or sexy women costumes during the Halloween to satiate the demand of the woman folk. One always look for new Halloween costume ideas and looks out for the Halloween fancy dress which will capture the imagination of others. It is a quest to be the spookiest or the most uniquely dressed. While normally children costumes are more in number, the adult costumes are also in good demand. At CelebrateIt you can easily find some unique designs of girls Halloween costumes, or funny Halloween costumes for women.

    Ladies sexy costumes up for grabs online

    When it comes to women, ladies sexy costumes almost always fit their bill. One can satisfy their demand at the online portal of CelebrateIt. Not only are there a good number of Halloween costumes for adults to choose from, but the pricing is just about right to say the least. One can effectively say that no Halloween is complete without the scary and sexy Halloween costumes and CelebrateIt Costume Shop provide just that right costumes to pick from.

    It's that time of year again, when you can let your hair down and go mad!!

    Will you be scary, sexy or silly this Halloween? No matter which we have a costume for you!

    Spook the neighbours, Turn heads in the bars, or have them giggle with glee, You choose!!!

  • Halloween Accessories

    Make the Most of the Halloween Costume Accessories

    Halloween has evolved as one of the most celebrated and enjoyed spectacles of the year and people from different age groups come along to revel in the occasion. Halloween costume accessories are always in good demand for very obvious reasons. People search for such Halloween outfits that will stand out in the crowd. One of the major aspects of ensuring a “Spooktacular” Halloween is to ensure the possession of unique Halloween dresses and accessories. Much experimentation can be seen in the segment of Halloween accessories for men and women. People leave no stones unturned in their bid to look at their spooky best.

    The online hunt for Halloween costume accessories

    When it comes to creating the best Halloween look, one needs to acquire accessories like kids Halloween Wigs Accessories, Halloween Face Paint and Halloween Mask. People look for the spookiest stuff in horror masks for even kids. Scary Halloween mask is a hit among the people who take part in the annual celebration of Halloween. At CelebrateIt, one can acquire seemingly a number of these Halloween accessories at prices, which does not create a dent in the pocket. One cannot be shabby with their Halloween wear as the slightest of wrong judgment can effectively ruin the whole getup.


    Here we have all the gastly bits you need to complete your Halloween Costume

    Devil Horns & Pitchforks, Monster teeth & Ears

    Spooktaular accessories for a freakishly good look!

  • Zombie


    It's almost time for the night of the living dead, for zombies to roam the earth and feed. Don't idle because every Zombie that is now among you has a hunger that only your flesh can satisfy.

    With a wide range of designs and sizes there are enough zombie Halloween costumes  to start your own apocalypse. Halloween costumes are becoming scarier and bloodier each year - Halloween costumes and zombie costumes are always popular with teens and betweens when it is believed the barrier between the living and the 'other' world is very thin. 

    With the range of undead costumes that are available for men, women and children in the costume shop, you are spoiled for choice. From make up to zombie mask or complete costumes whatever your preference - Disney Zombie costumes are incredibly popular every year.

It's that spooktacular time of year again. Halloween is a big part of the year, it’s the only night when we all dress up and hit the streets, both adults and kids alike. Celebrate All Hallows eve in style whether you want a costume to scare the pants off your neighbours and friends or decorations to spook the kids who come trick or treating, we got you covered. We have everything you need from Face Paint and Prosthetics to Costumes and Accessories and everything to make your house stand out on the night.

Let Celebrate It - a fully stocked costume shop help you this Halloween in whatever you set out to do.

Do not compromise on the best halloween costumes and cool halloween costumes during this season of spooks, ghoulies and the undead, just because your corner shop does not offer many options. Get great Halloween Costume Ideas and fabulous Halloween costumes by ordering online today and get it delivered to your home. Do you want something funny or perhaps something really scary to send a chill down everyone’s spine? Are you seeking sexy adult costumes, scary halloween costumes or horror halloween costumes to look scintillating during the parties?  Celebrate It has all these and so much more. It’s your one stop party and Halloween shop.