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  • Moustaches, Beards and...

    You can change your character completely with a little or even a lot of facial hair. Celebrate It have the largest stock of costume moustaches, beards, Eyebrows and Eyelashes in the region. You can almost complete disguise yourself with some of our moustache / beard combinations.

    With very little effort you can become a character from a Wild West movie, a famous General or even Santa Clause. Ladies you can become the centre of attention with Eyelashes in Black, Multi-coloured and even Polka Dots.

    We also have Theatrical Hair and Temporary Tattoos to complete the look. Shop online or browse our collection in person.

    Moustaches and Beards

    Does your costume require facial hair?

    And you can't grow it fast enough (or at all)

    Well these self adhesive Moustaches and Beards are ideal

    We have a great range of fake Moustaches and Beards for every occasion

    Halloween, Fancy Dress, etc

  • Jewellery and Collars

    Costume jewellery has a whole different meaning when you shop in Celebrate It. This is cheap and cheerful and designed to accompany various costumes in the store or to embellish a home assembled outfit to make it complete.

    Choose from Flapper Headbands, Feather Boa’s, Police Badges, Blood Drip Necklaces and Hawaiian Flower Sets. You will find Doctors Stethoscopes, Braces, Fake Cigars, Pearl Necklaces, EyePatches and even Balls & Chains to make your outfit complete.

    Just add an Egyptian Collar and Belt over your own clothes to become a middle eastern ruler, the choices are endless. Let your imagination run wild, bling your costume or yourself to be the centre of the party.

    Jewellery and Collars

    Add a bit of glam to your costume

    With our great range of Jewellery and Collars

    For all occassions Including

    Halloween, Christmas, Fancy Dress, etc

  • Hats

    No party outfit is complete without a hat. Depending on the time of year, Celebrate It have hats to suit every occasion and every event. Choose from a large selection of Witches hats for Halloween, Santa’s Hats for Christmas and huge Green hats for St Patrick’s Day.

    Wear a broad Mexican Sombraro on your next Stag Night or a tiny Fascinator Hat on your Hen Night. Choose from Rasta Hats with Dreds, Graduation Hats or a Sultan’s Crown, Army Helmets, Aussie Hats, a Fez or a Pirate’s black hat.

    Our range of costume hats is very extensive, look no further for your Bowler, a Stetson, a Top Hat or an Indian Headdress - we’ve got them all.


    We have hats for all occasions

    Top Hats, Bowlers, Stetsons, Captain Hats, etc

    Add a hat to any costume to complete the look

  • Face Paint

    Face painting can be as creative or as fun as you wish with our selection of professional quality face paints. Buy Snazaroo in all the classic colours for your next face painting party or choose Moon Neon for a UV reaction in the nightclub.

    If you just want a streak choose our Rainbow Fan-brush or our Black and Amber stick for that quick swipe to support Kilkenny, our Tri-colour packs of Green / White / Gold are perfect for that ‘Ireland Match’ supporter.

    Use Liquid Latex to create old age wrinkles, warts, peeling skin, etc or 3D Latex pieces with fake blood capsules for realistic scars, wounds and burns. Grotesque, horror, beauty or even team support are all possible with Face Paints.

    Face Paint

    You can use Face Paint to create any character you want

    Just let your imagination go wild

    Lots of colours give you lots to create

    Perfect for Halloween, Fancy Dress, Fun Fairs, etc

  • Wigs

    Wigs are a very defining attribute when dressing in character. A Judges or a Clowns wig immediately indicates the character. Browse our extensive range of wigs and choose the right one for your ‘Dress Up’ personality – become a 60’s Beetle or wear a Mr T like Black Mohican. Join Robin in Sherwood with a Friar Tuck hairpiece.

    Pick either a White Wizard or a Grey Wizard wig, wear a Father Ted hair-piece or try a full beard and hair ‘Hippy Wig’, a frizzy Einstein, Powdered Georgian Curls or a Nordic full hair and plaited beard style. Women’s styles include Silver Tinsel, Braided Hippy, 80’s Pop Wig. Choose from Long or Bobbed, Pink or Green, Curley or Straight hair. Become Cher, Tina Turner or Maria Antoinette with a wig to suit, the list is almost endless.

    Wigs come in white / silver, blonde, brown, red, pink, green, blue, purple and multicoloured and some with just a few strands to disguise the bald crown and some massive Afro styles. Browse our huge range of wigs for men and women online or in our store.


    We have all kinds of styles and colours

    Ideal for any Costume,Fancy Dress or Halloween

    Go back in time or into the future

    Create any character you want with these fancy wigs

  • Halloween Accessories

    Halloween accessories come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Choose a ‘Blood Drip’ necklace or tortuous talons, Vampire Fangs or a Witch Hat with hair attached. Use Glitter Hair Spray or try a Devil Wig with Horns.

    We have Orange Halloween Tights, ones splattered in Blood pattern and ones with a Skeleton Pattern.

    Choose Bat Wings or Halloween Bloody Weapons, Pointed Ears, Devil Horned hair-bands and don’t forget to check out our masks – Latex, hard masks and pretty sequined masks.

    Whether you are a Vampire, a Witch, a Ghoul or a Walking Dead we have accessories to complete your outfit.

    Halloween Accessories

    Here we have all the gastly bits you need to complete your Halloween Costume

    Devil Horns & Pitchforks, Monster teeth & Ears

    Spooktaular accessories for a freakishly good look!

  • Masks

    Who would you like to be at your next fancy dress party?

    Come into our store or browse our huge range of masks online to help you make a choice. Masks come in all shapes and styles from Pretty and Glitzy to Horror or masks of fictional characters.

    Choose from our selection of pretty glitzy Eye Masks and sexy Sateen Cat masks for the next hen night. Pick an Alien Mask or an Animal Mask, a full Horror Face mask, some with hair for Halloween. We have pretty masks with feathers and glitter, Horror masks, and even some Blank Masks that you can paint yourself.

    Halloween and New Year are the main festive seasons for masked balls and everyone wants to dress up in costume, assume the personality of an alter-ego from history, fiction or folklore. 

    Halloween masks come in all forms - eye masks, full face masks and complete head and neck masks.  Every year there are more and more excitingly scary halloween masks to complete amazing Halloween costumes for the halloween masked ball which will be remembered for weeks.


    Complete any costume with a mask

    We have eye masks, full face masks, latex, plastic, etc

    Animal faces, scary faces, pretty faces and more

  • Fancy Glasses

    Fancy Glasses are a great addition to any fancy dress outfit or they are a fun item to get into the party mood.

    We have a great selection of ‘Bride to Be’ and glasses for a ‘Hen Night’. We’ve got great glasses with moustache & beard for Xmas, ones with eyebrows, noses and moustaches, Rainbow Glasses, Beer Glasses and Cocktail Glasses, Jumbo Star, Shamrock and Heart Glasses, Eye Glasses and Monocles.

    We’ve got Coloured Glasses and Multi-coloured Glasses, Goggles and Eye Patches, Wizard Glasses in our fantastic range. Buy your glasses online or drop into our store.

    Fancy Glasses

    We have all kinds of weird and wonderful glasses

    These fun and colourful shaped glasses

    are ideal accessories to any 

    Costume, Fancy Dress, Halloween, Birthday, etc

  • Christmas Accessories

    Christmas Accessories

    Ho ho ho and Jingle all the way

    Here we have all the Christmas Accessories you need

    Santa Beards, Hats, Bells, Gloves and more

  • Weapons

    Whether you are dressing as a super hero, a space invader or a character from history, the outfit is not complete without the weapons.

    See our fantastic range of Bandits Swords, Bloody Knives, Pirates Cutlasses, Devil’s Forks, Cowboy Guns, Bullet Belts and Police Cudgels – all plastic of course. Take your pick from Machine Guns, Cowboy Rifles, Bull Whips, Crusader’s Swords and Hatches. Murder and maraud without the risk of injury with our realistic looking plastic props.

    Great weapons complete the outfit and are safe, harmless fun. Browse through our weapon online and match them with outfits for your next fancy dress party.


    We have guns, swords, knives, and more

    Perfect accessories for any costume

    We have weapons for Cops, Cowboys, Indians, Gangsters, etc

  • Tights,Stockings,Leg...

    Little things like Tights, Leg-warmers, Stockings etc help to make the fancy dress outfit complete.

    Checkout our fantastic range of Neon Coloured and Striped Leg Warmers to see the effect they can have on even the simplest outfit. Our Striped and Fishnet Tights and Above the Knee Striped Stockings add a sexy element to all styles.

    French Maid outfits are not complete without our great Sexy Maid Stockings. Choose from Furry Boot Covers in Neon Colours for that Disco Party or simply pick plain white and no Fancy Dress Clown Outfit is complete without a great pair of Clown Shoe Covers.

    Tights, Stockings, Leg Warmers & Bootcovers

    Keep your legs warm with any of these 

    We have all kinds of crazy patterns and bright colours

    Full tights, thigh high hold ups, fluffy leg warmers and bootcovers

  • Gloves and Wristbands

    Are you considering doing a puppet show or perhaps you are thinking about Mime? Celebrate It have very long Theatrical Black Gloves perfect for puppetry and we’ve got White Gloves which are ideal for Mime.

    Complete your 1920 Flapper outfit with a pair of long gloves in Red, Black and White or you could have some fun with Fingerless Fishnet Gloves or Fancy Ribbon and Lace trimmed sateen gloves for Fancy Dress, Halloween and Cosplay.

    Check out our Skeleton Gloves, Fright Gloves, Velveteen Dalmatian Gloves or even our Furry Rainbow Cuffs - perfect accessories to complete any themed outfit. Celebrate It are the largest stockists of Theatrical / Fancy Dress wear in the region.

    Gloves and Wristbands

    Add a little bit of style and class

    With our great range of Gloves & Wristbands

    Perfect for any Fancy Dress, Halloween, Christmas, etc 

  • Fake Noses & Teeth

    Fake Noses, Teeth & Fangs, Tails, Ears and appendages of all types can be found on the shelves of Celebrate It.

    Try a rubber Duck Beak or an elongated Witches nose to see the effect, apply some face-paint and the transition is complete. No animal costume is complete with tail, ears or horns as appropriate and no self-respecting elf would appear outdoors with his Pointed Ears.

    Check out our great Clown’s Noses or add Vampire Fangs at Halloween and we even have Fake Vomit for your Grotesque Pet. We are the one stop shop for all your Fancy Dress needs.

    Fake Noses & Teeth

    What better way to change your appearence

    Than with a rubber nose or fake teeth?

    All different shapes and styles

  • Wings

    No fairy or angel has ever flown without their wings which is why we stock a massive range of wings in Celebrate It.

    Choose from small, medium or large wings in Real feather, Organza or Silver Plastic. Take your pick of Black Feather Wings, White Feather Wings or Fantasy Organza Wings in lots of colours including our amazing Large Black Almost Leather Look Wings suitable for Bat’s, Dragons, Demons or even a Fallen Angel.

    We have Wings for Men, Women and Children of all ages, most sit across the shoulders and are secured with elastic over the arms at the shoulders. Browse our wing collection online or view them personally in our store.


    We all wish we could just fly away

    Well here you can find all kinds of Wings 

    Get yourself one step closer to the sky

  • Accessory Sets

    Going to the party as Sherlock Holmes, Long John Silver or a Bunny Girl? Look no further than Celebrate It for you Accessory Sets. Whether it’s a Pipe, a Parrot or some Bunny Ears and a Bunny Tail, we have sets to complete any Fancy Dress Outfit.

    Our Bunny sets come in Pink, White or Black with a White Fluffy Trim. We have Dogs and Cat’s Tail & Ears sets, Pom-poms, Animal Tails and even Devil’s Horns to add these little extra’s to your costume.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a special request for accessories that you haven’t found in our online store. We will do our best to locate the items in time for your party.

    Accessory Sets

    Instant disguises

    a handy way to complete any costume

    Foxes, Bunnies, Cats and more

  • Tutus, petticoat , Bustle...

    Regardless of which character you decide to dress as for the party, your one stop shop is Celebrate It.

    You will find unique items of Fancy Dress in our store. Some are complete and many are single items that you can wear with your own clothes or add to a costume you already own. We have a huge range of Bustle Pants and Tutu’s in various colours including White, Hot Pink, Red and Black and are perfect for that upcoming Hen Night. Combine them with Fishnet Tights or above the knee stockings for that sexy look.

    Choose a White Pantaloon or a Tulle Skirt to dress in period style. Whatever your style or whatever your colour - check out our range and order online for delivery to any part of the country.

    Tutus, Petticoats & Bustle Pants

    Use one of these to add an extra layer to your outfit

    Tutus and Petticoats fill out any skirt

    And Bustle Pants are a great for under those super short skirts! 

  • Capes

    Capes are a simple accessory to complete lots of Fancy Dress Costumes!

    Whether you're a Spooky Vampire or Witch at Halloween, a Wonderful Wizard for World Book Day or a Festive Claus at Christmas - We've got you covered!

    Capes come in a range of colours, lengths, materials and styles to suit everyone!

    We have Capes for Men, Women, Boys and Girls!

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  • €11,00 In Stock

    Children's Bat Cape - This bat cape would be an excellent choice to accompany one of our many monster costumes. One size Fits most.

    In Stock
  • €4,50 In Stock

    Dance Cane - This black plastic Dance Cane is the perfect accessory for any 1920s dance themed costume. It is approximately 80cm long.

    In Stock
  • €4,00 In Stock

    Glittery Microphone - This Shimmering Microphone would be an excellent choice to accompany any Stardom costume.

    In Stock
  • €26,00 In Stock

    King's Robe - This King's Robe is a great accessory to go along with one of our King's Crowns or else to complete a costume you already have. Makes for a good prop as well in plays or whatever the occasion. Ideal for Fancy Dress, Halloween or even if you're just feeling like Royalty! Includes Red Robe with gold trim and ermine look collar.   One Size...

    In Stock
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items


No matter how great your costume looks, the transformation is not complete until you accessorise it and we have the biggest range of costume accessories in the region - wigs, moustaches, beards, eyelashes, teeth, noses, glasses, tights, props, feather boas, wings, tutus, leg-warmers, bustle pants, petticoats and jewellery. Dressing up gives the excuse to be outrageously silly, sexy, horrifying or to take the occasion very seriously and replicate yourself as a character from History, Science Fiction or Hollywood.

You can become anyone you want to be for a night or a day after a visit to our store. Our staff are always delighted to help you find the perfect outfit. We have two large fitting rooms so there’s no need for guesswork about fit, style or appearance.

No costume is complete without accessories

And we have lots of them

Weapons, Glasses, Moustaches, Gloves, etc