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Bubbles & Party Poppers 

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    Start your party off with a Pop instead of a band with this 50 Party Popper Pack. 50 poppers per pack ideal for birthdays or celebrations.

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    Streamers are a great way to to add a bit of colour to any party venue. These simple paper streamers are perfect for any occasion, Birthdays, Picnics, Christening, Communions and many other events. Each streamer is white with black polka dots all over.   30ft (9.14m) Long 1.9" (4.76cm) Wide White / Black Paper

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    Bubbles are a great alternative to confetti, more fun and less mess, ideal for any location. These little bottles of bubbles make great party and wedding favors. Each bottle looks like a mini bottle of champagne (Not suitable for consomtion)   24 per pack 17ml per bottle

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    Pack of 20 Pink Holographic Party Poppers - perfect for any occasion or celebration!

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    Party Poppers - 20 per pack - Each pack of these great little Party Poppers is full of  holographic bottle shaped poppers filled with colourful paper confetti - Easy to use just aim and pull the string and the confetti burst out with a bang - Party Poppers are perfect for Birthdays, New Years, Engagements, etc

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    Streamers - 1 per pack - These Streamers have 4 colours repeated in sections that when you throw them in the air each piece should seperate and create lots of indivdual streamers - Streamers are perfect for any Birthday, Disco, Anniversary, etc

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

These can be great little favors. Bubbles and Party Poppers can be great fun and should be part of every party