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Children's Birthdays 


  • Frozen

    Let It Go and have a Party. We have some pretty Frozen Themed partywear. Plates, Cups, Balloons and more with everyones favorite Princess duo, Anna & Elsa.

  • Emoji

    Whatever you're feeling, there's always an Emoji to say it! 

    Celebrate any occasion with Emoji partyware! Perfect for adding a touch of fun to any Birthday Party.

    Emoji Partyware are decorated with lots of classic emoji's, it's sure to have your favourites!

  • LOL Surprise!

    LOL Surprise! Dolls are taking the world by storm! Treat your little one for their Birthday with a range of LOL Surprise! partyware.

    With Plates, Napkins, Cups, Invites, Balloons, Banners and so much more, you can decorate your child's party with their favourite characters from LOL Surprise!

  • Harry Potter

    Calling all witches and wizards, don't fret if you missed out on your letter to Hogwarts! Decorate your party with our range of Harry Potter partyware.

    We have plates, napkins, invites, cups, banners and more to decorate your child's party, and bring their favourite movie to life! Featuring logos of the four houses - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw - there's something for every Harry Potter fan.

  • Sofia The First

    This new addition to the Disney Princess has her own partywear including Plates, Banners, Balloons and more, perfect for any little girl who loves her furry friends!

  • 1st Birthday

    Wow One already! It's your childs 1st Birthday and you want to have a party, well here we have everything you need  Balloons, Banners, Tablewear, Games and more!

  • Batman

    Everyones favorite powerless Super Hero. Straight from the pages of DC comics. To Plates, Cups, Balloons and more. What else can you say only, Nananana Batman!!

  • Disney Cars

    Lightening McQeen and his friends love to party and now you can party with them too with this Cars Partywear. Everything from Balloons & Banners, Candles & Tablewear, etc

  • Disney Princess

    Every little girl loves the Disney Princess' ; Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Snow White, Elsa and all the others too. Now you can have the most magical party with the Princess themed Partywear

  • Hello Kitty

    This pretty Kitty likes to party as much as the rest of us, Hello Kitty's partywear is fun and bright and has Kitty printed on each Cup, Plate, Banner, Balloon, etc

  • Mickey Mouse

    No one likes to party like Mickey Mouse. Disney's fun loving rodent likes to party as much as he can. With this partywear you can join him in the fun with Balloons, Banners, Plates, Cups and more. 

  • Minnie Mouse

    This pretty Mouse loves to party with this Minnie Mouse Partywear you can join the fun. Minnie Mouse Partywear is pretty and pink with Minnie Mouse printed on each Cup, Plate, Napkin and Balloon

  • Pirates

    Ahoy there maties! We have everything you need for a swashbukling party Costumes, Banners, Balloons and even Pinatas you can fill with all kinds of booty

  • Postman Pat

    Everyones favorite postman has his own partywear and we have it all here. Get all your Plates, Banners, Balloons and more all with Postman Pat printed on each

  • Fireman Sam

    This partywear is bright red with firey details. Perfect for fun filled Fireman Sam Parties. Get all your Balloons, Banners, Cups and Plates here

  • Soccer

    The sport of champions. Soccer has many followers and many teams to follow. Here we have some partywear for a few of those teams and some general Soccer themed partywear too including Balloons,Plates, Napkins, etc

  • Spiderman

    Who wants to have a party with your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman? Get the party swinging with these amazing spiderman Balloons, Banners, Plates, Cups and so much more including Pinatas

  • Sponge Bob

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge Bob Squarepants! Are you ready for a jellyfish party in Bikini Bottom, Celebrate with this SpongeBob themed partywear. Balloons, Tablewear and so much more.

  • Super Mario

    Get ready to jump and run with this Mario themed partywear. Super Mario has been partying for years and he is ready to party some more with you, Balloons, Tablewear, Banners and more

  • Sweet 16th

    You're only 16 once so Celebrate It in style. Get all your Banners, Balloons and Tablewear for a party to remember

  • Thomas the Tank Engine

    Thomas and his friends are always happy to party. This partywear has Thomas printed on every, Plates, Cups, Balloons, Banners, etc

  • Toy Story

    All your favorite toys are here to play. This partywear has all the toys printed on it all the Banners, Balloons, Plates, Cups, etc

  • Winnie the Pooh

    Ramble through the 100 Acher Wood with this pretty Winnie the Pooh partywear. Pooh Bear, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore printed on Balloons, Banners, Napkins, etc

  • Star Wars

    Help Luke Skywalker and the rebellion defeat the Empire and Darth Vader. With this cool Star Wars partywear themed Balloons, Banners and more you can travel through space blowing up Death Stars and avoiding the Storm Troopers!

  • Prehistoric

    The Dinosaurs are back and ready to party. This Prehistoric partywear has cool dinosaurs printed on them including Balloons, Banners, Plates and more

  • Peppa Pig

    Peppa and George love to party and with this partywear they can party with you! All your party Plates, Cups, Balloons, Tablecovers, etc all have peppa and her friends printed on them

  • Army

    We have a great selection of camouflage partywear including Plates, Cups, Napkins and more all suitable for any Army Themed Party. 

  • Tropical Party

    Fancy a Luau or a swinging Beach Party? Well look no futher we have everything you could need from Garlands to Leis and Grass Skirts and lots of Tablewear  including straws, cups and more. All bright and colourful for a summery feel even in Ireland!!!

  • Farm Yard Friends

    The partywear in this section is perfect for any little farmers party. Plates, Cups, Balloons, Napkins and more all with Pigs, Sheep, Cows and Chickens

  • Doc McStuffins

    Everyones favorite toy Doctor has her own partywear. Doc McStuffins spends her days helping her toy friends feel better and when she is done there is nothing she enjoys more than a party with you! Get your Plates, Cups, Banners, Balloons and everything else right here.

  • Ninja Turtles

    Cowabunga! Everyones favorite pizza loving party animals Leo, Raff, Doni and Mikey are back and they have their own range of partywear! Including Plates, Candles, Balloons, Cups, etc all with the heros in a half shell printed on each

  • Minions

    The Minions are back with a movie of their own and this fun partywear to go with it. So now you have these fun colourful minion plates and napkins to carry your bananas around on!! 

  • Princess Unicorn

    Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her birthday, with this pretty partyware you can create your very own princess wonderland. With everything you need to make a party special, from invitations to cups and plates.

  • Wrestling Party

    WWE Wrestling is a major sport so it's no wonder so many people watch it. Now you can have your own wrestling themed party with our new line of wrestling partywear. 

  • Paw Patrol

    No party is too big, No pup is too small. The Paw Patrol pups love to party and play when they are not saving the day! This party ware is the ideal way to bring the pups to a party without all the barking! We have a great selection of tableware with all your favourite pups like Marshall, Chase and Skye printed on them. Plates, Cups, Table-covers and even Balloons to add a bit of colour and fun to any room for a party.

  • Mad Hatter's Tea Party
    Mad Hatter's Tea Party is the perfect theme for any gathering of friends or family - We're all mad here!
  • Shimmer and Shine

    Shimmer and Shine are here to make your child's party dream come true! Decorate your little girl's or boy's birthday party with their favourite characters, Shimmer and Shine!

    We have Cups, Napkins, Balloons, Banners and more! All featuring the cute characters!

    Make your party shimmer and shine!

  • Baby Shark Party Theme

    Baby Shark  Theme is the Funny way to Celebrate your special little one party with NO Fear!!

  • Get Wild Safari Kids Party...

    Get Wild Safari Kids Party Theme - All your friends will go WILD with this Safari Kids party theme!

    Plates, cups, table covers, party bags, napkins and balloons.

  • Building Blocks

    Building Blocks Party Theme is very colourful Square blocks set against a white background written Happy Birthday. Building Blocks Party theme is a Must for all your special ones!

 Children’s birthday parties are part of every year whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin or friend. 

Parents are delighted to quietly celebrate the early birthdays and once the children enter school there begins a round of birthday parties of siblings friends and cousins and each child wants their party to be different.


 Children’s birthday parties are part of every year whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin or friend. 

Parents are delighted to quietly celebrate the early birthdays and once the children enter school there begins a round of birthday parties of siblings friends and cousins and each child wants their party to be different.

Look no further than Celebrate It for the widest range of themed parties available. Co-ordinate all disposable themed table-ware, decorations both for the room and the table and even choose a costume to complete the effect. 

Celebrate It are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your party needs. Apart from that listed above, pick up the cake board and decorations or even a printed icing sheet to fit with the theme of the party.
Choose a themed piñata for party fun and don’t forget some themed loot bags for the children as the leave for home.

We have the best ideas for age appropriate, birthday party themes such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Thomas & Friends, Moshi Monsters, Sponge Bob and much, much more for the little ones. We have Disney characters, Super Heroes and TV & Game characters for the older children.

Shop online or in store for the complete children’s birthday party package.

In this section you will find everything you need to make your child's party one to remember! We have it all from 1st Birthdays to Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles, Princess' to Pirates, etc. Get all your Plates, Tablecovers, Cups, Banners and more in our One Stop Party Shop!