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Cake Accessories 


  • Anniversary

    Every Anniversary Cake needs that something special and you can find it right here. A special Cake Accessory or Topper for every Anniversary

  • Assorted Figures

    Every Cake looks better with a little cake topper. We have toppers for Birthdays, Hen Nights, Christenings and every day cakes. These Assorted Figures come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

  • Baking Trays

    Everyone needs a good set of Cake Trays and we have lots of fun shaped trays perfect for any baker, Trains, Dionsaurs, Castles and layers. All you need now is a good recipe and a bit of imagiation with your icing for the most fantastic cakes for any event!

  • Boy's Christening

    Make your little boys Christening cake one to remember. Here we have lots of cute little figurines of baby's, booties, storks and more, all ideal for Christening Cake.

  • Girl's Christening

    We have lots of cute little cake toppers ideal for any little girls Christening Cake. From buggies and booties to cute little babies.


  • Cake Boards

    Everyone loves cake, big cakes, small cakes, fancy cakes and plain cakes it doesn’t really matter what kind of cake it is everyone will love it. But what most people tend to forget is the board that the cake is on. It doesn’t matter what kind of cake you make if you don’t have the right board under it no one is going to see it. Cake boards are needed when moving the finished cake but they can also be used to give the separate layers of a tiered cake extra support (don’t want cakes sinking on the day) just add cake dowels. Our cake boards come in silver or gold with a choice of two thicknesses in three different shapes, Square, Round and Heart shaped. There are plenty of sizes to choose from starting as small as six inches (6”) all the way up to twenty inches (20”)

  • Cake Pillars and Dowels

    Cake Pillars and Cake Dowels are a staple for anyone planning a layered or tiered cake.

    Cake Pillars are used to give any layered cake a little extra lift and height. Cake Pillars come in different styles and sizes so you can vary the size of the gap between you layers to suit your event. The ideal way to add an extra layer to a cake without baking another sponge!

    Cake Dowels on the other hand are used to give your cake the extra support needed to hold the weight of the upper layers. Dowels are necessary even with cake pillars as they hold the weight of the upper layers. Dowels can also be used to stabilise odd shaped cakes from the inside.

    Remember all our dowels and pillars are NOT edible and must be removed before consumption of cake!

  • Cake Stands

    Use one of these unique Cake Stands to display your wonderful baked goods at any Birthday or Party Event

  • Candles

    Cakes are nice for any occasion but what makes them extra special are the candles that we place on top. Add a candle to any cake and see the glow on your party guests faces. We have all kinds of candles in many different colours and styles. Traditional birthday candles are always a great addition to a cake and are a must have staple in any home. But if you fancy something different from the traditional birthday candles we also have shaped candles. Our shaped candles come in many styles from simple numbers to fantastic objects and characters.

    We have everything from champagne bottles and soccer balls to Disney Princess’ and cartoon characters. There is something for everyone. And for the bigger kids who want something special on the cakes at their parties we have wonderful sparkler candles that glitter and glow in the shape of any age. We even have candles that relight when you blow them out so if you want to mess with the party goers these are the candles for you.

  • Styrofoam Castles

    Ever dream of having your own Castle? Well now you can design your own palace and place it on a cake! All you need is a bit of paint and some imagination and your dream can come true!!

  • Diamante Letters

    Add a touch of glamour and glitz to your cake with these stunning silver diamante letters on picks. We have the whole alphabet from A to Z and some phrases like Happy Birthday and Christening Day as well as Mr & Mrs so there is something for every occasion.

  • Diamante Numbers

    These glitzy glam Diamante Numbers are the perfect bit of bling for any cake, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more 

  • Religious Girls

    We have all kinds of little toppers for any religious occassion, Christening,Communion, Confirmation and more.

  • Religious Boys

    Make your little boys big day extra special with a cake topper to remember. We have everything covered Including Communions, Confirmations and more.

  • Silver & Gold Deco

    Add a little Gold and Silver to your cake for an extra little glitter and glam

  • Sugar Flowers

    Everyone loves sugar flowers on cakes but not everyone can make them. So here we have a selection of handmade sugar flowers for you to add to any cake be it for a Birthday, Christening, Wedding or Anniversary

  • Icing

    Icing Sets

    Every baker needs an Icing Set

    Here we have a small selection of sets

  • Christmas Cake Decoration

    Christmas is the jolliest time of year full of festive cheer. The Christmas pudding and holiday cake are probably the most iconic parts of the holiday meal. That’s why we love to spend time decorating each of them with special little bits. Celebrate It has a large range of holiday themed cake decorations perfect for any Christmas Cake, Yule Log or Festive Pudding.

    There is everything from tiny trees and robins to miniature houses covered in snow, and if you want something a little more festive then we have little Santas and Snowmen as well as mottos and Christmas sleighs. Each of these little cake decorations are ideal for your festive needs.

    These cake decorations are NOT edible and should not be consumed, you can keep them and reuse them time and time again.

  • Dummy Cakes

    Want a big fantastic Cake but don't have enough guests coming for such a cake? Dummy Cakes are a great and handy way of making a display cake of any size and noone will be the wiser. You can use and reuse these Dummy Cakes. Perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, Shows, etc


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    Plain Edge Side Scraper This tool creates smooth sides and tops of cakes coated with creams, chocolate and royal icing.

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    Cake Dowels - Wood - 12 per pack - Approx 8" (203mm) - Each pack of these wood Cake Dowels is the ideal way to support your cakes from the inside so you don't have to ruin your outer decorations - Cake Dowels are ideal for any cake (Not needed in Biscuit Cake)

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Cakes are part of every special occasion and the best cakes are nearly always made by somebody’s mother, aunt, sister-in-law or cousin where the best ingredients, care and secret family recipes have proved themselves beyond doubt.

This is all the more reason to finish it in the same manner. Celebrate It have an endless selection of cake access...

Cakes are part of every special occasion and the best cakes are nearly always made by somebody’s mother, aunt, sister-in-law or cousin where the best ingredients, care and secret family recipes have proved themselves beyond doubt.

This is all the more reason to finish it in the same manner. Celebrate It have an endless selection of cake accessories from cake boards to personalised cake toppers and everything in between.

You need to do a specially shaped cake for a child’s birthday – no problem, see our shaped baking tins. You just want the shape for the top tiers so that you can ice it – see our selection of styrofoam shapes, from plain round and square dummy cakes to elaborate fairy castles.

You will find pillars and dowels for tiered cakes, cake stands for wedding cakes and even cupcake stands for the children’s party.

We have thick & think cake boards in round and square and we have the boxes to put them in. Browse our wonderful selection of sugar flowers and our immense selection colours in icing.

Choose from our huge selection of candles, diamonte letters and numbers, gold and silver decorations and even personalised icing sheets to top the cakes.

Looking for something to place on top of your delicious cake, well look no futher we have pretty toppers for lots of occassions eg Birthdays, Christenings, Communions and even Weddings We also supply Cake Boards, Cupcake Cases, Cake Frill and some cool shaped Cake Tins. Every Bakers Dream!!